The Fellows of The New York Bar Foundation

The Fellows of the New York Bar Foundation are members of the bench and bar who are recognized for outstanding professional achievement, for dedication to the legal profession, and for commitment to the organized bar.

Each Fellow makes a commitment to financially support the goals and objectives of The Foundation through charitable contributions. Fellows also assist the Board in identifying potential grant projects and other causes that may benefit from The Foundation’s assistance.

The following is The New York Bar Foundation’s definition of a Fellow:

  • A Fellow understands that the law is a learned occupation and is inescapably a public calling. A Fellow appreciates that the combined professional effort of all lawyers nurtures and sustains the rule of law and American democracy. A fellow strives to develop, uphold and maintain these core values of the profession.
  • A Fellow embraces lawyer independence, ethical behavior, self-renewal, competence, responsibility, an appreciation for the historical continuity and tradition of the profession, and respect for clients, adversaries and the courts.
  • A Fellow acknowledges that the practice of law is a helping profession and that attorneys, as custodians of the legal system, have enhanced obligations of service to the community, to the profession, and to promote justice through the rule of law.

The Fellows of The New York Bar Foundation, established in 1974, have separate bylaws and officers from The New York Bar Foundation.  Per the bylaws, The Fellows hold an annual meeting to elect the offices for the ensuing year and receive a report of research and other activities of The Foundation.

Nomination to Be A Fellow
An individual is generally nominated to become a Fellow by a Director on the Board of The Foundation or by a member of The Fellows and is elected by the full Board. The number of Fellows is limited under The Foundation Bylaws to one percent of the New York State Bar Association membership in each of the state’s 13 judicial districts plus 100 at-large members.  Fellows of The New York Bar Foundation are ambassadors; they exemplify the spirit of caring and sharing by demonstrating their belief that the practice of law is a helping profession.  Fellows are instrumental to the growth and success of The New York Bar Foundation, and it is an honor to be nominated as such.

Each Fellow of The New York Bar Foundation is selected by the Board of Directors and is a lawyer who is recognized for:  Outstanding professional achievement, Dedication to the legal profession, and Commitment to the organized bar.  Every Fellow makes a financial commitment to The Foundation to support its grant making program which provides funding for law-related programs throughout the state of New York.

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James R. Barnes, Esq.

James R. Barnes
Chair of The Fellows


Donald C. Doerr

Vice-chair of The Fellows

Lauren Wachtler

Lauren Wachtler

Vice-chair of The Fellows

District Chairs of The Fellows
The following Fellows serve as Chair or Co-Chair of The Fellows in the 13 Judicial Districts of the State of New York:

Sylvia Fung Chin, New York

Raymond J. Dowd

Raymond J. Dowd, New York

Mark A. Longo, Brooklyn


Sarah E. Gold, Albany

Peter Coffey

Peter V. Coffey, Schenectady

Tara Anne Pleat, Clifton Park

Hon. Paul L. Wollman
, Amsterdam

Don Doerr

Donald C. Doerr, Syracuse

Richard Long

Richard B. Long, Binghamton

C. Bruce Lawrence,

James C. Moore,


David M. Schraver, Rochester


Vincent E. Doyle III

Vincent E. Doyle III, Buffalo


Ilene Cooper,

Gerard Fishberg

Gerard Fishberg, Garden City


David L. Cohen Fellows JD Chair

David L. Cohen, Kew Gardens


Steven E. Millon, New York 

Claire C.Miller,
Staten Island