Fellows Events

The Annual Assembly and Meeting of the Fellows

The Fellows of The New York Bar Foundation recently held their Annual Assembly and Meeting where more than 125 Fellows and their guests attended.

table shot

Norman, Emily, June

Fellow Norman Greene; Chair of the Fellows, Emily Franchina; Brian Kane; and Board Member June Castellano.

Mark, Ken, Lesley

Past NYSBA Presidents Mark Alcott and Kenneth Standard with Foundation President, Lesley Rosenthal.

Carla and Susan

Vice President of the Foundation Carla Palumbo, and Board Member, Susan Lindenauer.

Justin Vigdor and Jayme L. Feldman

Fellow Justin Vigdor and Jayme L. Feldman.

Hank, Mark, Roger

NYSBA President-elect, Hank Greenberg; Mark Berman; and Foundation Board member Roger Maldonado.

Fellows Hold Event on Stolen Art

The Fellows of the 10th Judicial District held Murder, Mystery & Masterpieces:  Ethical Implications of World War II Stolen Art at the Muttontown Club. 

Nearly 50 Fellows and guests attended the presentation by Raymond J. Dowd, Esq., author of Copyright Litigation Handbook (West 7th Ed. 2013-2014). Mr. Dowd has broad commercial litigation experience in both federal and state trial and appellate courts, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright, trademark and art-related cases. In 2013, Mr. Dowd was appointed by Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann to serve on the Planning Committee of the Second Circuit Judicial Conference. He participated as an expert in the 2009 Prague Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets and the 2013 International Conference on Nazi Looted Art.  He has also lectured on the topic in many venues including the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

The Foundation offers gratitude to the speaker, Raymond J. Dowd, Esq., The Muttontown Club, and the following underwriters of this event:

  • Cullen and Dykman, LLP
  • Enright Court Reporting, Inc.
  • Farrell Fritz, P.C.
  • RDM Financial Group, Inc.

A special thank you to the coordinators of the program Emily Franchina, Chair of The Fellows; Peter Mastaglio, Chair of the Fellows of the 10th Judicial District, and Ilene Cooper, Co-chair of the Fellows of the 10th Judicial District.

Fellows are encouraged to hold at least one event within their district annually to District to network and become better acquainted with each other and the Fellows program.  Contact The New York Bar Foundation for further information.

Presenter Raymond J. Dowd, Esq.

Presenter Raymond J. Dowd, Esq.


George Zaferiou, Colleen West (President, Enright Reporting, event sponsor), Jeff Corliss (RDM Financial, event sponsor), Theresa McSweeney, Esq. and Harvey Spizz, Esq.  

Ilene Cooper, Raymond- J. Dowd and Emily Franchina 

Ilene Cooper, Raymond J. Dowd and Emily Franchina.

Lisa Cardone and John Barnosky

Lisa Cardone and John Barnosky.

Michelle and John Bracken

Michelle and John Bracken.

Ilene Cooper, Michelle Bracken, Emily Franchina and Colleen West

Ilene Cooper, Michelle Bracken, Emily Franchina and Colleen West.

Jaclene D'Agostino, Robert Harper, Emily Franchina, Hillary Frommer

Jaclene D'Agostino, Robert Harper, Emily Franchina, and Hillary Frommer.

Gary and Ilene Fishberg

Gary and Ilene Fishberg.

John Bracken, Wallace Leinheardt and Eugene Ginsberg
John Bracken, Wallace Leinheardt, Eugene Ginsberg, and Andrew Mihalick.

Carol Hoffman and Peter Mastaglio 
Carol Hoffman and Peter Mastaglio.

Peter Mastaglio, Hon. Edward McCarty, Emily Franchina, and Ilene Cooper

Peter Mastaglio, Hon. Edward McCarty, Emily Franchina, and Ilene Cooper. 

Hon. Kathleen Tomlinson and Lisa Cardone

 Lisa Cardone and Hon. Kathleen Tomlinson.

Theresa McSweeney and Harvey Spizz

Theresa McSweeney and Harvey Spizz.

The Annual Assembly and Dinner of The Fellows 2014

Emily F. Franchina, Esq.  

The Fellows of The New York Bar Foundation saw a change in leadership as Emily F. Franchina, Garden City, commenced her term as Chair of The Fellows.   James B. Ayers, Albany, began his term as Vice-chair of The Fellows.  Election into membership in the Fellows constitutes a professional honor, evidence of professional distinction recognizing outstanding achievement and dedication to the legal profession.

The Fellows honored one such member by bestowing The Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award on Justin L. Vigdor during the 2014 event.  The award honors former officers or directors of the Foundation who served a minimum of 10 years and significantly advanced the purposes of the Foundation. Mr. Vigdor has been an extraordinary bar leader for more than three decades and his generosity and service to The Foundation are invaluable. 

Vigdor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

President of The New York Bar Foundation Board of Directors, Cristine Cioffi, presents Justin L. Vigdor with The Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Justin L. Vigdor

Justin L. Vigdor makes remarks at The Fellows dinner.


Foundation Board Member and Vice-chair of The Fellows, James Ayers with his wife, Miriam Trementozzi.

Cioffi Gerstman Lau-Kee

L to R, Foundation Board President Cristine Cioffi with Board Member Sharon Stern Gerstman, and President-Elect of The New York State Bar Association, Glenn Lau-Kee.


Fellows DinnerStanding: President of the New York State Bar Association, David Schraver with his wife, Nancy. Seated are: Carla Mascaro (l), NYSBA President-elect designee David P. Miranda, and Foundation Board Member and Chair of the Grants Committee, Lucia Whisenand (r).

Fellows Dinner Madigan Group

C. Bruce Lawrence, Kate Madigan, and Claire Gutekunst.

Seymour James and Hon. Chambers

 Foundation Board Member Hon. Cheryl E. Chambers; and her husband, NYSBA Immediate Past President, Seymour W. James, Jr.

Fellows Dinner Group

Justin Vigdor and John Marwell congratulate each other.

Cioffi Keniry

Cristine Cioffi with Laurie Keniry and Board Member William Keniry.

Fellows Dinner Vigdor and McDonald

Foundation Board Member Elizabeth McDonald with Justin Vigdor.

Foundation Board Member Joseph McCarthyFoundation Board Member Joseph V. McCarthy and his wife, Maureen.