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The New York Bar Foundation Presents Grant Checks

Foundation Presents Grant Check to PATCH


The LYC/Project PATCH annual summer institute for educators was held at Touro Law Center, Central Islip, June 30-July 3. The institute is funded, in part, by The New York Bar Foundation. Judge James Hudson gave the opening remarks, and The Bar Foundation Fellow Chair Emily Franchina was on hand to welcome the teachers and guests, and present the foundation check to PATCH Director David Scott. Teachers take 30 hours of classes in law-related and civic education. The institute has partnered with the NYSBA Law, Youth & Citizenship Program for over 30 years.  Shown left to right: Northport Principal Irene McLaughlin, PATCH Director David Scott, and Emily Franchina.  To make a donation to LYC or other Foundation funds click here.

MFY Check Presentation

MFY Legal Services, Inc.

MFY Legal Services, Inc. received a grant for its Kinship Caregiver Law Project.  It is the only project in New York State dedicated to meeting the legal needs of kinship caregivers for assistance with custody, guardianship, adoption, public benefits, visitation, and long-term planning for care emergencies.  The primary goal of the project is to help low-income kinship caregivers provide a safe and nurturing home for children in their care by resolving legal problems and to promote family stability when biological parents are unable or unwilling to care for children due to incarceration, mental illness, substance abuse or other reasons.  A secondary goal is to prevent these children from being placed with non-relatives in the formal foster care system. Shown L to R: TNYBF Board Member,  Earamichia Brown; MFY Executive Director, Jeanette Zelhof; and Supervisor of the Kinship Caregiver Law Project, Barbara Graves-Poller.

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

A grant check was presented to the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House for its Legal Services for Older Adults Project to provide legal services and community education to older adults.  The program provides education, information, advice, assistance and legal representation to low-income older adults, who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn for holistic legal and social services.  Shown L to R: Attorney, Katy Ramsey; The New York Bar Foundation Board Member, John Horan; Health Care and Benefits Advocate, Helen Ruan;  SNAP Advocate, Damaris Delgado, Health Insurance Enrollment Coordinator, Angelika Gutierrez; Program Administrative Coordinator, Emily Kan; Chief Program Officer, Carolyn Silver;  Legal Fellow, Amy Sanderson (behind Carolyn Silver); Senior Housing Attorney,  Lauren Sismondo; Housing and Benefits Advocate, Ariela Lovett; and Director of Legal Advocacy, Diane Lutwak.

Association of NYS Youth Courts Check Presentation The Association of New York State Youth Courts

The New York Bar Foundation presented a grant check to the Association of New York State Youth Courts for their 2014 Youth Court  program.  This opportunity will help participants to collaborate, learn and share new and innovative best practices.  Shown L to R: Student, Noah Falk; Student, Zainub Amir; Co-President, ANYSYC, Katrina Charland; Foundation Board Member, William Keniry, Esq.; Bethlehem Youth Court Board of Directors, Secretary and Albany County Probation Department Supervisor, Jennifer Miller; and Bethlehem Youth Court Board of Directors and Assistant US Attorney, Adam Katz.

Feerick Center Check PresentationThe Feerick Center

The New York Bar Foundation presented a grant check to the Feerick Center which will be using the funding for their CLARO Papers and Interactive Form Project to create model papers and computer generated interactive forms for assistance with consumer debt collection issues.  Shown L to R: Professor John D. Feerick, The New York Bar Foundation Board Vice-president, Lesley Rosenthal; Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the Feerick Center, Fern Schair; and Executive Director to the Feerick Center, Dora Galacatos.

Center for Court Innovation Check Presentation

Center for Court Innovation

The Foundation's grant will support the Center for Court Innovation’s Youth Courts in Harlem and Greenpoint, programs which train teenagers to serve as jurors, judges and advocates for real-life cases involving their peers. These programs use positive peer pressure to ensure that young people who have committed minor offenses learn accountability and repair the harm caused by their actions. The Foundation’s support will also provide chronically truant students and their families with the services and resources they need to remain in school and avoid charges of educational neglect in family court.  Shown L to R: Deputy Director of Youth Justice Programs, Dory Hack; Senior Director of Youth and Community Programs, Raye Barbieri; President of The New York Bar Foundation Board of Directors, Cristine Cioffi, Esq.; and Director of Planning and Development, Jillian Shagan.

Legal Services for Elderly, Disabled Check PresentationLegal Services for the Elderly, Disabled or Disadvantaged of WNY, Inc. (LSED)

The grant will support their efforts at developing an Elder Shelter in Erie County. According to LSED, many elder abuse victims are not appropriate for traditional domestic violence shelters, due to underlying medical issues. Victims of abuse often languish in hospitals, where they become increasing confused and frail. The end result is that many abuse victims are sent to long term nursing homes permanently. The objective of the shelter is to create a network of local facilities who will accept short term admissions, while project partners work on finding alternative, safe long-term housing. The shelter will be the first of its kind in Western New York and one of only 4 statewide.  Shown L to R: President, SSG, Bruce Reinoso; Foundation Board Member, Sharon Stern Gerstman, Esq.; and Executive Director of LSED, Karen Nicolson.

HIAS Check Presentation
 HIAS will use the grant for funding for their Legal Interns for Asylum Seekers Project (LIASE). Shown L to R: Lead Advocate, HIAS, Simon Wettenhall; Policy & Programs Coordinator, HIAS, Amanda Wald; President, New York Bar Foundation, Cristine Cioffi; and Staff Attorney, HIAS, Aleksander Milch.

National Center for Law and Economic Justice Check PresentationThe National Center for Law and Economic Justice

The organization will use these funds to continue its critically important collaborations with county Departments of Social Services and local advocates in developing and implementing agency policies designed to help low-income persons with disabilities have meaningful access to welfare, health, nutrition, housing, and emergency services programs, under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Shown L to R: Board Member of The New York Bar Foundation, Susan Lindenauer; NCLEJ Executive Director, Henry Freedman; President of The New York Bar Foundation, Cristine Cioffi; and NCLEJ Senior Attorney, Greg Bass.

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